Wednesday, September 18, 2013

31 Day Challenge 2013 - Day 05: Blue

Oh man, I am so lazy!

I spent my last weekend with my bf in eastern Finland on a beautiful lake and just didn't care at all about blog and nails :D
The biggest shame is: since Thursday last week I wore my blue design for these challenge, but do you think I took nice pictures? Hell no!
It's a shame because I really liked it....
The only ones I have, are 2 blurry cellphone shots, so hopefully you get the idea about my design :D

The first picture was taken Sunday, after I wore the design already a few days, so please excuse the 10cm cuticles :D
The 2nd picture was taken.on the day I made the design.

I hope you got the idea. I am at work on my cellphone right now, at home I will add the polishs names - they were all by OPI btw ;)

Have a great day!!! My work will start now *jawn*


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