Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Different Dimensions - Orion Nebula

Happy Wednesday everybody!

It is raining the whoooole day here already and I am so happy that I took my last swatches in sunlight, because it is SO worth it :)

I am talking about a bautiful polish from Different Dimensions, called Orion Nebula.

It is a black jelly packed with little medium pink sized circle glitter (omg how I love circle glitter *_*) and big sized violet holographic circle glitter. So. Totally. Awesome.

Please excuse my cuticles in these pictures, I wore the polish around 5 days already when I finally came to the idea MAYBE to take pictures of my hands :D

I took all pictures in sunlight - enjoy :)

The application was okay, these polish is a little on the thick side, but it was totally workable. I used 2 pretty thick coats plus my CND Speedey topcoat. You will get a lot of the little circles on your nails, and it´s easy to fish for more. Just the violet big dots are a little more tricky to find - but totally worth the efford.

And like I said, I wore it like 3 days without any tipweak, only after the 3rd day I repaired the tips a little with average black :)

Oh, and I purchased these beauty, like so often, on Llarowe.

See you on saturday!


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