Wednesday, September 18, 2013

31 Day Challenge 2013 - Day 05: Blue

Oh man, I am so lazy!

I spent my last weekend with my bf in eastern Finland on a beautiful lake and just didn't care at all about blog and nails :D
The biggest shame is: since Thursday last week I wore my blue design for these challenge, but do you think I took nice pictures? Hell no!
It's a shame because I really liked it....
The only ones I have, are 2 blurry cellphone shots, so hopefully you get the idea about my design :D

The first picture was taken Sunday, after I wore the design already a few days, so please excuse the 10cm cuticles :D
The 2nd picture was taken.on the day I made the design.

I hope you got the idea. I am at work on my cellphone right now, at home I will add the polishs names - they were all by OPI btw ;)

Have a great day!!! My work will start now *jawn*

Monday, September 9, 2013

31 Day Challenge 2013 - Day 04: Green

Welcome back dear polish addicts :)

Today I am already on day 4 of my looooong 31 day challenge, which means: GREEN NAILS!

And I had a hard time to decide which kind of green polishes I wanted to use, I own so many!!! So I came up with a Stained Glass Window design where I could include a faw of my favourite greens :)

Basically it was a very easy and nice manicure. I started to paint my nails with a beautiful grey-ish green as a base, OPI "Thanks a Windmillion", and then I used every other green one by one and painted freehand a little shape on each nail, wherever I wanted it to be :) Just out of my mood. Took a while but the result really was nice!
In the end I used as well my favourite golden polish ever, OPI "GoldenEye", to set an accent, and sure I created black lines around each green piece with a black striper.
That was it ^_^

(btw, this was my last years green manicure: CLICK)

I think I'm in love *_*
I really need to try these manicure again! It took a while to create but was really easy and the effect is just stunning!
Hey that's why I love these 31 day challenges! Because you finally try techniques you never did before :) I'm glad I did it again this year ^^

Polishes I used:
Light Green - IsaDora Wonder Nails "Marzipan"
Grey-ish Green - OPI "Thanks A Windmillion"
Neon Green - Golden Rose "No. 207"
Medium Green - OPI "Don't Mess With OPI"
Dark Green - OPI "Cuckoo For This Color"
Gold - OPI "Goldeneye"
+ Black Nail Art Striper

I hope that you had a great start into this week and that I will see you again in a few days :)

Check out right here which designs are still about to come:

Saturday, September 7, 2013

31 Day Challenge 2013 - Day 03 : Yellow

Happy Saturdaaaaaaay :D

This time I was FAST! Didn't waste any time today and already at 8am I sat here, covered in nail polish and acrylic paint ^^

Oh yeah, I tried for this design the first time ever acrylic paint! I got a great offer on 6 basic colors together in a set in a local store and for SURE I bought it. :)

Soooo now to today's design: MINIONS *_*
I love love love them! Sure, I am late with my design since most of them came out after the 2nd movie, but since today's challenge is yellow, it really made sence for me to try it :)

The yellow and grey in my design is normal nail polish, the rest is acrylic paint.

Oh, here you can check out my last year's yellow nail design: CLICK

I am really happy how my tiny Minions turned out, and I keep starring at my nails and kinda play with them :D

Polishes I used:
Yellow: OPI "The IT Color"
Grey: China Glaze "Recycle"
Blue, Black, White & Red: Sang Acrylic Paint

I wish you guys a great and warm weekend! Here it's 20°C in Helsinki today and super sunny, sooo beautiful *_*

Thursday, September 5, 2013

31 Day Challenge 2013 - Day 02: Orange


Ups, now it's already I am just a horrible horrible person. I know :)
I kinda have to figure out how to do my nails in the evenings WITHOUT falling asleep immediately when I jump into my bed ^^ Any tips?

Today I woke up 1 hour earlier to do them right in the morning, at 6am :D Crazy but it kinda worked.

For my orange challenge today I choose a technique I never tried before, Saran Wrap Manicure.
I guess all of you know about, or maybe already tried it, it's so simple and turns out so cool!
Btw, here you can see what I did last year for my orange-challenge: CLICK

As colors I choose orange (what a surprise!) and, as well, black as a big contrast. Check it out ;)

Polishes I used:
Orange = OPI "Flirt A Bit"
Black = OPI "Lady In Black"
+ OPI Nail Envy & Seche Vite Topcoat.

In case you don't know about Saran Wrap Manicure
Choose a base color. Paint it on until it becomes total opaque and let it dry completely.
After you prepare 10 little balls out of average saran wrap and then you paint on a 2nd polish, which should have at least a medium or a huge color contrast. 
When the 2nd color is still wet you grab your saran wrap ball and you dip in onto your nail until it made enough of the 2nd wet polish disappear and the 1st color shines through nicely :)
Add a top coat and you are done!

I am totally fascinated by these technique :D It turned out so cool and it was very fast and very easy. These color combo would be a perfect halloween manicure as well ^^

See you soon and have a great friday!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

31 Day Challenge 2013 - Day 01: Red

Hi Girls!!!

I decided, since my last 31 Day Challenge is exactly one year ago, to re-do it this year :)
But there are a few changes. Last year I did the challenge with many other bloggers together which is not happening this year, and as well I will just post every 3 days because I have nowadays such a huge way to travel from my job that I am just dead when I come home.
But since it's completely in my own hands now I can do WHATEVER I WANT *muhahaha* :D
Btw, here you can see what I did last year on my challenge: CLICK!!!

First day is, as always, my least favourite color ever, RED. Buuuut I think I did something nice with it and I do like my nails ^_^ Sure, at least one million people did already strawberry nails, but I still like them :)

Colors I used:

Red = p2 color victim "Summer Red"
Light Green = Snowcrystal "Celery Green"
Dark Green = OPI "Don't mess with OPI"
Yellow = China Glaze "Kalahari Kiss"

I guess I will see you then on wednesday for my orange manicure? Take care until then :D

Oh, here the 31 Day Challenge picture I took from Chalkboard Nails.
She did an awesome job creating them!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ikat Nail Tutorial

Hey Dear Polish Addicts ;)

How are you doing? I finally got completely into my new job and am not so stressed any more about the hours and the long traveling, so I can concentrate more on my hobbys like nails and internet (blogger, youtube, facebook, pinterest) in general :)

Today I want to show you a very very simple but awesome design, and I created a little "how to do" picture tutorial.

Let's face the truth, nowadays you can see ikat designs and prints EVERYWHERE! I tried to ignore it for a while, but finally it sneaked as well into my world :D
And you know what's the coolest about? As messier and more irregular you create it, as cooler it will turn out!!! A PERFECT and fast nail design in my opinion!!!

Let's start, here is what my nails looked like in the end :)

So, how did I do it? Check out my quick picture tutorial:

1) Use a white nail art brush or an average brush + white polish, and create diamond shaped, irregular patterns on your nails.

2) Fill them completely with white polish.

3) Create random blobs of your 2nd color inside of your white patterns. I just used my nail polish brush to paint them onto my nails.

4) Grab a black nail art brush or a normal brush + black polish and start to outline your white patterns. Use many tiny strokes to create a shaky and washed out look.

5) Now you just create one black random blob inside the middle of your patterns, and your done!
Use a top coat to seal in your design, make it shiny and longer lasting.

It's so easy, isn't it??? :D

Polishes I used:

Blue = OPI - "Can't Find My Czechbook"
Yellow = OPI - "The IT Color"
White = Wild & Mild Nail Art Pen & Brush in white
Black = Wild & Mild Nail Art Pen & Brush in black

Have a great day and see you soon!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Vintage Rose & Polka Dot Nail Design

Happy Monday!!!

Well...I actually hate mondays, but who doesn't? :D We have to do the best out of it - like for example posting a new nail design which I did yesterday ^^

I already twice did vintage rose designs, once for a friend with purple base and pink roses, and once last summer with a grey base and rosé roses (check it out HERE).

So this time I actually wanted not every nail to be the same, so I googled a little and saw so many designs where the accent nails had polka dots or stripes - and I went for dots :)

Check it out ^_^

And with flash

Polishes I used:
Turquoise = Wet n Wild "I Need a Refresh-Mint"
Pink = Golden Rose No. 221
Dark Pink = China Glaze "Fly"
White = OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls"
Green = IsaDora 

It is actually so easy to create, because the roses should not be perfectly round. You will never find a round rose in nature. So the shapes should be a little asymetric. Later you drop one tiny dot of a darker polish into your roses and swirl it a little with a toothpick or a needle. It creates a more 3D illusion and gives some life.
Then you grab a dotting tool for your polka dots and add some green tiny leafes on your roses - DONE :D

Hope you liked my design and see you hopefully soon again ^^


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