Monday, July 29, 2013

Dollish Polish - Gotham City

Hallo, hi & moi ^^

Again I show you an older swatch today since they start to pile up on my laptop and I need to get a little order in my blogger-life :D

It's, like so often, from my favourite indie maker Dollish Polish. A true beauty: clear base with black bar glitter, tiny black hex glitter, medium teal hex glitter, medium square black glitter and big hex teal pieces. So pretty! It's called Gotham City.

I decided to layer Gotham City over my probably favourite creme blue, OPI "What's With The Cattitude", a bright wonderful medium/lighter blue which is just to die for. 


I wore this combo a few days and just loved it! Whats With The Cattitude has a very easy opaque texture, I applied 2 average coats. Then I dabbed on one coat of Gotham City, which is very easy to apply. There is a ton of glitter inside and no fishing is required.

I hope you guys had an awesome weekend!

See you probably on wednesday, which is my birthday. ^_^ 

Ps: Oh, you can get Dollish Polish like always on her homepage or over Llarowe

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dollish Polish - Put A Ring On It

Welcome Back Everybody!

Today's post is already 3 weeks old, as you probably can tell on my nail shape, but I really really need to show these polishes to you :)

As a base color I choose my probably most loved dark purple, Wet n Wild "Disturbia". It's so deep and eggplant like, just woooow *_*

Since this was still not enough for me, I topped it with one dabbed coat of Dollish Polish's "Put A Ring On It". These polish is made of tiny golden glitter, golden holographic glitter and little black hex glitter in a clear base. Gorgeous!!! 

Disturbia is a super opaque purple color, you could probably get away with just one coat. I choose two thin ones.
Put A Ring On It is very easy to apply, just dabb on the polish. You will get a huge ammount of glitter on your brush, easy deluxe. Dried very fast.

I topped everything with "CND Speedey"

You can grab your bottle of Put A Ring On It RIGHT HERE, but be quick, if it is sold out it will never be restocked again. Right now there are still a few available :)

Enjoy your weeeeeeeeekend :D

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dance Legend - Termo Trio 1 & Lucky 13 - Stupid Starfish


I have an exciting post for you today! When I bought my Dance Legend holographic polishes I as well included one of the awesome Termo Trio polishes which start to become very famous in the polish world.
Like the name is already telling, they don't just shift into 2, but 3 shades! Cold, medium and warm.

I took a bowl with ice-cold water with me in the garden and tried my very best to show you how this polish is working. Since it is a pretty hot day today the effect didn't last long, just a few seconds, but still it's awesome *_*

Oh, and I topped the polish with an awesomely cute new glitter I got yesterday, it's from Lucky 13 and is called "Stupid Starfish" *_* It's one of these polishes you see on a swatch and you want it IMMEDIATELY! It has a clear base with tiny purple microglitter, medium light green hexes, medium pale pink squares and pink stars. This could become one of my top 5 glitters ever <3

First a few pictures how this dance legend polish will look most of the daytime, without contact with hot or cold substance. Very pretty light violet / periwinkle.

Isn't the glitter cute??? *_*

And now let's come to the fun part: the cold water :)

This is how dark the polish gets in contact with cold substance. But, if I took if out of the water it immediately turned into a french manicure looking dark tip.

In this picture thumb and pinkie are average and the 3 other fingers show a cold gradient.

2sec after taking it out of the water....

...and around 30sec later. Fainted but still visible :)

I used 2 coats of the Dance Legend polish (awesome formula and pretty opaque) and one dabbed coat of Stupid Starfish (very good ammount of glitter and easy to fish for stars).

I hope you got an idea how the Termo Trio polish is looking like and that you enjoyed my pictures :)

You can purchase Dance Legend on their russian homepage and over Llarowe.
Stupid Starfish you can get right here.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer - Phoenix Lament

Hiiiiiii guys!!!

Today is a boooring sunday and the only joy I had today, besides cooking a great pasta dish, was to change my nail polish again :D

I choose a brand new polish I just got last week, from a new to me indie brand called "Lucky 13"
They have amazing polishes from different kind of collections, and I choose 4 from their awesome Harry Potter collction "Mischief Managed" - awwwww *_* I just love all of these HP inspired polishes and their names - it was so hard just to choose four of them (for now ^^)

Today I wanna show you a polish inspired by Dumbledore's phoenix Fawkes, it's called "Phoenix Lament".
It is a clear base with red, orange and yellow shredded glitter. Very cool and bright!

I decided to layer it over one coat of China Glaze - Smoke And Ashes.

Phoenix Lament was very easy to dab onto the nail and it has a big ammount of glitter. Dry time was surprisingly fast. It just is a little gritty, so I decided to layer one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food on top before I applied my top coat - and this was a MISTAKE! Surely it made the polish way smoother, but it as well created thousand of tiny tiny little bubbles all over my nail! So... I guess I will not use it again -_-

Anyway, it's a fun polish and I enjoy it a lot! Check out Lucky 13 RIGHT HERE.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Dandelion Nail Art for Talia Joy

Good morning everybody

Today's manicure has a sad background.
As many of you probably already heared, the amazing young Talia, an incredible happy and talented little girl and YouTuber, flew to heaven on tuesday after fighting for cancer for 6 long years.

It's an incredible sad story, and Talia inspired thousands of people all over the world with her joy for make-up and her happy personality. She was only 13 years old when she passed away, and still already acomplished more than most of us.

She was absolutely passionate about fashion, trends, nail art and make-up and her YouTube page has more than 20 million! clicks. Absolutely amazing!

Here you can see her heart touching visit on the Ellen-Show:

Today thousand of bloggers all over the world participate in an awesome action from NailPolishWars, to create a mint-manicure to remember Talia. Her last Instagram picture showed a mint nail polish.

I decided to use a mint background color (China Glaze "Aquadelic"), topped it with a holographic glitter (Chick Polish "Fairy Snot"), and then paint dandelions and flying seeds on my nails.
They are so pretty and still so fragile, which reminded me on little Talia.
On my pinkie I glued a little star, which shall represent her flying away with the wind, like the dandelion seeds. 

Talia, hope you found your peace and thank you for being such an incredible person.

You can see a lot more manicures on facebook and instagram with the code #mintmanicuresfortaliajoy

Btw, the white I used is China Glaze "White On White", and the dark green is OPI "Don't Mess With OPI", mixed with black.
Have a great friday everybody!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dance Legend - Fantastic Trip

Welcome back my dear polish addicts :D

Like promised, today I will show you my 2nd Dance Legend holographic baby. I as well have to admit that I "accidentaly" ordered 4 new ones from their russian page lol.
So I guess there will be a few more swatches in future :)

Today´s holo is called "Fantastis Trip", a peach-pinkish polish, which looks pretty nude in the shadow. A very interesting color, not so BAM in your face - and still it freaks out when it hits the sun <3

Check it out

And here is how it looks in the shadow - it was a little hard to capture but I think the first picture does it well.

Very lady-like, its't it? I adore these polish!

I used again 2 coats, with average base- and topcoat. There are no special procedures required, these holo is unstoppable, even without aqua base or with topcoat ;)

Again, you can purchase Dance Legends creations over their russian webpage: here ^^
OR over my alltime favourite polish-page Llarowe :)

Have a great day, here in Helsinki we have 26 degree and beautiful sun <3
See you on thursday with my 3rd Dance Legend swatch!


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