Sunday, June 9, 2013

Enchanted Polish - Wish Me Good Luck

Hi Everybody!

We finally got something like summer here in Finland, and I have been enjoying the last few days so much that I almost forgot my nails :D Weird...but after 6 month of snow everybody is freaking out here right now and we tend to forget everything else ^^

Now I have a super exciting polish for you guys to show:
Enchanted Polish -Wish Me Good Luck

I´m so glad I got it because normally when I visit my "dealer" Llarowe it is ALWAYS completely sold out. But somehow: I got one :D

Wish Me Good Luck is a clear base PACKED with yellow-ish green tiny and medium glitter, black bar glitter, teal medium hexes, black medium hexes and big black hex-glitter. My flatmate described the green color inside as "the first leaves in spring on the trees". Its so pretty!

I layered 1 coat of Wish Me Good Luck over 2 coats of OPI Cuckoo For This Color - a beautiful dark shimmery blue/green. 

Pics taken in sunlight:

Now one picture in shadow, and one picture with flash.

Last is a pretty shot of these beauty in it´s bottle, and the OPI polish on it´s own :)

I think its just stunning, and I got compliments for it :)
These polish was very easy to apply and you could nicely drag the glitter wherever you wanted it to be.
Hope in future to show you guys more from these amazing brand!

See you!

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