Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All Star / Converse Nail Tutorial


Today I want to show you how to create easy super cute All Star / Converse shoes on your nails :)

Ever since I saw the first pictures of these designs in the internet I fell in love and always wanted to re-create it. For these tutorial I decided not to use bright colours or black like everybody else did yet, but just a very nice taupe shade.

These are the polishes I used for the design:

(Left to right)
  • Golden Rose No. 66
  • Golden Rose Nail Art Polish White
  • Golden Rose Nail Art Polish Black
  • Essie "Chinchilly"

Okay, lets get started!

First you paint your nails in a colour of your choise. I used a pretty taupe colour by Essie.

Then you paint the tip of your nails with a solid white polish.

After you pick your dotting tool and create 3 or more tiny silver dots on each side of the nail.

Then you pick a white nail art polish or a thin brush and average white polish and create 2 x-shapes from dot to dot.

Then pick again your dotting tool and dot a slightly smaller black dot inside of the silver ones, and after paint a small black line on your white nail-tip.
Finnish with a topcoat and you are ready!

I hope you guys liked these tutorial and it was easy for you to follow :)
Always feel free to ask me if there is any question!

See you on friday!


  1. ohhhhh, how cute is this?!?!? <3

  2. sehr cool gemacht, da braucht man sicherlich ein ruhiges händchen für die ganzen details! :-)

  3. Sehr sehr süß. Würde ich im Leben nicht hinbekommen. :D

  4. aaaw.. cute. ♥

  5. das sieht ja mal süß aus:)

  6. süß gemacht, mein "Stil" ist es aber nicht :P Ich mag's eher schlicht ♥

  7. I will follow :]
    hui, werd den abend wohl damit verbringen den blog zu durchstöbern..sehr schön:)

  8. Wow sieht echt super aus!(:
    Würd ich aber bestimmt auch nie hinbekommen;o

    Liebste Grüße <3

  9. Sieht wirklich super Klasse aus ! Wäre froh, ich könnt das auch :-D

  10. Oh das sieht ja richtig richtig knuffig aus :)


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