Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ikat Nail Tutorial

Hey Dear Polish Addicts ;)

How are you doing? I finally got completely into my new job and am not so stressed any more about the hours and the long traveling, so I can concentrate more on my hobbys like nails and internet (blogger, youtube, facebook, pinterest) in general :)

Today I want to show you a very very simple but awesome design, and I created a little "how to do" picture tutorial.

Let's face the truth, nowadays you can see ikat designs and prints EVERYWHERE! I tried to ignore it for a while, but finally it sneaked as well into my world :D
And you know what's the coolest about? As messier and more irregular you create it, as cooler it will turn out!!! A PERFECT and fast nail design in my opinion!!!

Let's start, here is what my nails looked like in the end :)

So, how did I do it? Check out my quick picture tutorial:

1) Use a white nail art brush or an average brush + white polish, and create diamond shaped, irregular patterns on your nails.

2) Fill them completely with white polish.

3) Create random blobs of your 2nd color inside of your white patterns. I just used my nail polish brush to paint them onto my nails.

4) Grab a black nail art brush or a normal brush + black polish and start to outline your white patterns. Use many tiny strokes to create a shaky and washed out look.

5) Now you just create one black random blob inside the middle of your patterns, and your done!
Use a top coat to seal in your design, make it shiny and longer lasting.

It's so easy, isn't it??? :D

Polishes I used:

Blue = OPI - "Can't Find My Czechbook"
Yellow = OPI - "The IT Color"
White = Wild & Mild Nail Art Pen & Brush in white
Black = Wild & Mild Nail Art Pen & Brush in black

Have a great day and see you soon!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Vintage Rose & Polka Dot Nail Design

Happy Monday!!!

Well...I actually hate mondays, but who doesn't? :D We have to do the best out of it - like for example posting a new nail design which I did yesterday ^^

I already twice did vintage rose designs, once for a friend with purple base and pink roses, and once last summer with a grey base and rosé roses (check it out HERE).

So this time I actually wanted not every nail to be the same, so I googled a little and saw so many designs where the accent nails had polka dots or stripes - and I went for dots :)

Check it out ^_^

And with flash

Polishes I used:
Turquoise = Wet n Wild "I Need a Refresh-Mint"
Pink = Golden Rose No. 221
Dark Pink = China Glaze "Fly"
White = OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls"
Green = IsaDora 

It is actually so easy to create, because the roses should not be perfectly round. You will never find a round rose in nature. So the shapes should be a little asymetric. Later you drop one tiny dot of a darker polish into your roses and swirl it a little with a toothpick or a needle. It creates a more 3D illusion and gives some life.
Then you grab a dotting tool for your polka dots and add some green tiny leafes on your roses - DONE :D

Hope you liked my design and see you hopefully soon again ^^

Saturday, August 24, 2013

CrowsToes - Frogs' Breath

Hi Everybody!!!

I am back with a new indie swatch, since I haven't done any in a longer time :) Should maybe mix swatches and nail designs equally... or what do you think? Maybe at least one swatch and one design every week, and more if I am in mood :D 

Today I wanna show you a polish I was waiting for a loooong time. Every time I saw it, it was sold out. And fiiinally I grabbed one from llarowe. Oh happy daaaaay :D

Frogs' Breath is a mix of medium and small green (dark & light), golden and a few black hex glitters in a clear base. Very very pretty!!!

I decided to layer my frog polish over 2 coats of OPI - "Stranger Tides". I think it really is a great combo, and it reminded me again how awesome this OPI polish actually is ^^

Application was easy. It was a perfect formula and there was enough glitter on the brush to avoid any fishing.  I purchased my polish over Llarowe.

See you soon for another nail design ;) 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cute Goldfish Nail Design

Hey girls :)

How are you doing?
I recently joined a finnish nail art page on facebook, which sets every sunday a new nail art challenge to create, and then you can upload your result there for the others to see. 
Check out the page HERE.

This week's topis is: Orange Nails

I first thought "uuuugggghhh" because I never was a huge orange lover, but then I thought about one amazing foil-like bright orange I own and started to create little easy goldfishes with it as a base :) And: I really liked it ^^ The kids in my kindergarten loved it, too :D

Polishes I used:

Wet n Wild fast dry "9021 Orange" - an AMAZING foil bright polish, it just blowd me away :) Perfectly opaque in 2 coats.

Golden Rose No. 213. for the scalation. I just painted them on with a thin nail art brush. Very easy to do :)

For the eyes I used OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" & China Glaze "Smoke & Ashes"

That's it! Have a nice evening ^^

Monday, August 19, 2013

10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 08: Summer Jewellery

Hiiiiiiiiii !!!!

I am sorry that I broke my "I post every 2nd day" rule... I was just so stressed and tired from my first week of work, and I couldn't focus any more at some point. Man, my mails looked totally homeless until today - shame :D

Now, even too late, I post our 8th day of the summer challenge, which focus of summer jewellery.
I had not really an idea what to do, until I googled it :) And there I saw a ton of colorful jewelry, mostly necklaces, but as well earrings or bracelets. A ton of beads in every color of the rainbow :) 
So I picked my dotting tools, a bunch of bright colors and that was it basically ^_^

I think it turned out nice and I like how simple and yet colorful it is :)
As a base I used 2 coats of OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls", my new favourite white ever.

Colors I used:
Thumb = Essence Nude Glam "Cafè Olè"
Opi "What's with the Cattitude?"
Pointer = OPI "Don't Mess With OPI"
Rimmel "Lemon Drop"
Middle Finger = Golden Rose No. 213
GOSH "Pool Party"
Ring Finger = Rimmel "Sorbet So Good"
OPI "Gothic Lolita"
Pinkie = China Glaze "Aquadelic"
Models Own "Peaches & Cream"

I will try to post day no. 09 of the challenge until the end of the week, lets hope that I don't immediately fall asleep again at home like last week :D Man, children can be such an energy sucker ^^

Check out the other girl's manicures:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 07: Swimsuits

Hey Guys!

Grrrrrr I hate hate hate these day of the challenge.... because I totally screwed it in my oppinion :D
I don't like how most of my swimsuits turned out and the shapes and the colors and bäääääh. Whatever, let's face the truth: I'm still really a beginner and sometimes Cats nail art loooks like one of my kindergarten toddler could have made it ;)

My basic idea was to create white swimsuit shapes and then to fill it in with some of my indie polishes, since I love them so much and I have so many unused which I wanted to try. After they looked even weirder (is weirder a word?), so I started to outline the suits...which did not really help a lot :D 

Well - make yourself an oppinion ^^

I think I'm fine with the ring finger and my thumb. These I can accept :D

Polishes I used:
Thumb = Lush Lacquer "Clowning Around"
Pointer = Smitten Polish "Pink Goes Good With Green"
Middle Finger = Smitten Polish "Look To The Western Sky"
Ring Finger = Different Dimension "Hanna"
Pinkie = Scofflaw "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"
+ different stripers for the outlines

I have such a feeling that the next 2 manicures will not turn out much better, so keep folling me going down muhahaha ;D

Please check out the other girls manicures for today:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 06: Tribal Nails

Happy Sunday Everybody!!!

Yeeeeah it's already the 6th day of our summer challenge...which not just means that the challenge ends soon, but as well that summer is soon over. Here in Finland the nights start to become cooler already and the weather starts to change. Guess in the end of october we will have snow again >_<

Back to business! Today is Tribal Day :) I just once did a tribal design in my life, last autumn for a 31 day challenge. Took me forever but it turned out ok - check it HERE :)

This time I did it less complicated and more girly and cute ^^ I saw a picture with a partly similar design in the internet and needed to try something like this. I love owls :D

I am pretty happy with the result even it stressed me in the morning, thinking what to do ;)

I used one average white polish as base and did one coat of Dollish Polish "You're a real Sweet Tart" on top. Normally I love these crelly white polish with it's multiciolored tiny hex glitter inside, I just shouldn't have used it for my tribal today :D That's why you can see some random glitter on my nails ^^

After I created some thicker lines and dots with Dance Legend "Spectrum", a pink very holographic beautiful polish.

The last step was, to get a black striper and create the final lines, dots and stripes. 
I'm not very good in creating some steady non-shaked lines but yeah, it gets better I guess.

Hope you liked my little owl tribal and hope to see you back soon, at least for the next summer challenge design which will be posted on monday (evening I guess because I will start working again).

Check out our other summer ladies:


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