Monday, September 9, 2013

31 Day Challenge 2013 - Day 04: Green

Welcome back dear polish addicts :)

Today I am already on day 4 of my looooong 31 day challenge, which means: GREEN NAILS!

And I had a hard time to decide which kind of green polishes I wanted to use, I own so many!!! So I came up with a Stained Glass Window design where I could include a faw of my favourite greens :)

Basically it was a very easy and nice manicure. I started to paint my nails with a beautiful grey-ish green as a base, OPI "Thanks a Windmillion", and then I used every other green one by one and painted freehand a little shape on each nail, wherever I wanted it to be :) Just out of my mood. Took a while but the result really was nice!
In the end I used as well my favourite golden polish ever, OPI "GoldenEye", to set an accent, and sure I created black lines around each green piece with a black striper.
That was it ^_^

(btw, this was my last years green manicure: CLICK)

I think I'm in love *_*
I really need to try these manicure again! It took a while to create but was really easy and the effect is just stunning!
Hey that's why I love these 31 day challenges! Because you finally try techniques you never did before :) I'm glad I did it again this year ^^

Polishes I used:
Light Green - IsaDora Wonder Nails "Marzipan"
Grey-ish Green - OPI "Thanks A Windmillion"
Neon Green - Golden Rose "No. 207"
Medium Green - OPI "Don't Mess With OPI"
Dark Green - OPI "Cuckoo For This Color"
Gold - OPI "Goldeneye"
+ Black Nail Art Striper

I hope that you had a great start into this week and that I will see you again in a few days :)

Check out right here which designs are still about to come:

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  1. Wow! Wunderschön! :)
    Hast du das mit dünnen Pinseln gemacht?
    Ich bekomme sowas nämlich mit Sicherheit nicht hin. :(


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