Sunday, September 1, 2013

31 Day Challenge 2013 - Day 01: Red

Hi Girls!!!

I decided, since my last 31 Day Challenge is exactly one year ago, to re-do it this year :)
But there are a few changes. Last year I did the challenge with many other bloggers together which is not happening this year, and as well I will just post every 3 days because I have nowadays such a huge way to travel from my job that I am just dead when I come home.
But since it's completely in my own hands now I can do WHATEVER I WANT *muhahaha* :D
Btw, here you can see what I did last year on my challenge: CLICK!!!

First day is, as always, my least favourite color ever, RED. Buuuut I think I did something nice with it and I do like my nails ^_^ Sure, at least one million people did already strawberry nails, but I still like them :)

Colors I used:

Red = p2 color victim "Summer Red"
Light Green = Snowcrystal "Celery Green"
Dark Green = OPI "Don't mess with OPI"
Yellow = China Glaze "Kalahari Kiss"

I guess I will see you then on wednesday for my orange manicure? Take care until then :D

Oh, here the 31 Day Challenge picture I took from Chalkboard Nails.
She did an awesome job creating them!


  1. This is so cute!

  2. Lovely! :) If you have already done this, could you perhaps post your last years nails too? Or put a link to them, so it would be easy for readers to go see them. :)

    1. I created now a link to my old challenges :) Thanks ^_^

  3. So cute!
    I think I'm going to start this challenge too, just not sure when :)

    1. oh yeah, do it! Its so awesome and you can choose techniques you never tried and can practise your skills :) and since I do the chilly version this year, I am totally relaxed :D


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