Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cadillacquer - Serendipity

Moi :)

New day, new swatch ^^ Even it is raining here since almost 3 days, I tried to do my very best while taking pictures outside ;)

Today I wanna show you a very nice polosh from Cadillacquer, called Serentipity.
Cadillacquer is a new for me indie brand from, listen, Switzerland! Which makes me kinda happy as a german girl ;)
I just recently found her on her own etsy shop and was immediately impressed by these polishes!
So I grabbed 6 and I am very happy with all of them ^^ Will show them later to you when I haved the time.

Serendipity is a light blue creme polish with a hint of grey, very pretty.
It has a lot of different sized magenta colored glitter and I just love these combo!

Pictures taken with flash:

And now I took as well a few pics without flash but it was so grey and rainy outside, I feel the polish color is more true in my flash pictures :)

At least 2 more pics of the bottle.

Serendipity was a little patchy on it´s first coat but fully opaque with 2 layers of color. You may have to dab the second layer a little on with your brush to get all the glitter in position, but it was absolutely doable.
I topped with one coat of Essie Good To Go.

Now I´ll relax from my stressy workday and wish you a great rest of the week :D


  1. normally i wouldnt like a polish like this, but i really like this! the colours go so well together, nice swatch!

    1. Thanks :) It's really so pretty and not too blue, I don't like these "bam in your face" blues normally :D


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