Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ikat Nail Tutorial

Hey Dear Polish Addicts ;)

How are you doing? I finally got completely into my new job and am not so stressed any more about the hours and the long traveling, so I can concentrate more on my hobbys like nails and internet (blogger, youtube, facebook, pinterest) in general :)

Today I want to show you a very very simple but awesome design, and I created a little "how to do" picture tutorial.

Let's face the truth, nowadays you can see ikat designs and prints EVERYWHERE! I tried to ignore it for a while, but finally it sneaked as well into my world :D
And you know what's the coolest about? As messier and more irregular you create it, as cooler it will turn out!!! A PERFECT and fast nail design in my opinion!!!

Let's start, here is what my nails looked like in the end :)

So, how did I do it? Check out my quick picture tutorial:

1) Use a white nail art brush or an average brush + white polish, and create diamond shaped, irregular patterns on your nails.

2) Fill them completely with white polish.

3) Create random blobs of your 2nd color inside of your white patterns. I just used my nail polish brush to paint them onto my nails.

4) Grab a black nail art brush or a normal brush + black polish and start to outline your white patterns. Use many tiny strokes to create a shaky and washed out look.

5) Now you just create one black random blob inside the middle of your patterns, and your done!
Use a top coat to seal in your design, make it shiny and longer lasting.

It's so easy, isn't it??? :D

Polishes I used:

Blue = OPI - "Can't Find My Czechbook"
Yellow = OPI - "The IT Color"
White = Wild & Mild Nail Art Pen & Brush in white
Black = Wild & Mild Nail Art Pen & Brush in black

Have a great day and see you soon!!!

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