Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Back to business!! INDIE POLISHES

Heeey guys :D

Finally, after 4 month of silence: Cat is back!!!
I am alive, I bought more nail polishes than ever, and I have a lot to tell - so stay with me :)

Since january I bought around 50 indie polishes and I am very excited to share a lot of interesting swatches with you in the coming weeks.

Brands I now proudly own and will post about:

* Dollish Polish
*Jindie Nails
* Happy Hands
* Different Dimension

* Emily De Molly
* XOXO Nails

* Lush Laquer
* Chick Polish
* Shimmer Polish

* Girly Bits

Here a little preview :D

See you tomorrow to check out the first polish!!


  1. Schön, dass du wieder da bist :)

    1. Wollte ich auch gerade schreiben Kathi! :)
      Und, Cat, hast du vielleicht einen Link, wo du die Lacke alle gekauft hast? :)


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