Sunday, May 12, 2013

Emily de Molly - Insomnia

Good morning !!

Today I have a very cool black jelly polish to show you, I wear it right now and its awesome ^^

I anyway have a little weak spot for purple and black polishes, but if there is as well glitter included I am basically instantly in love :D

The polish is from the indie brand Emily de Molly, called Insomnia, and I purchased it from her llarowe store right here, but you can get it as well from her Etsy store.

She is so awesome and the polishes are just breathtaking...unfortunately as well most of the time sold out...I own currently just 2 bottles, but I really hope for more in the future :)

Insomnia is a black jelly with holographic microglitter, tiny white square glitter, tiny hex holographic glitter and medium white hex glitter. 

Here is how it looks with one coat

This is 2 coats without topcoat

Any other blogger so far used 3 coats, but I was kinda happy with how it looks after 2 coats, so I just cleaned it up and finnished with Sally Hansen Insta Dri topcoat
If you wanna add a little more darkness, you probably have to go with 3 coats.

Its so sad how my camera is not able to show the glitter in this polish. It really sparkels so nice in the sun :)

Here one shot with flash.

The application was smooth and very uncomplicated. Dry time was average. 

I really like the combo of white glitter and black jelly, have nothing like tbis in my collection so far :)

Here a shot of the bottle, enjoy the beauty ^^

And finally a blurry shot to catch a little of the holographic glitter

What do you think about this polish and the brand in general?

Enjoy your sunday!!!

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