Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CrowsToes - Heartshaped Box of Horse *!@#!

Ladies and (maybe) Gentleman, welcome back ;)

Yesterday in the kindergarten I slipped on a stupid little toy on the floor, bend myself to the right side to avoid falling, and dislocated something in my back.
After a lot of pain and a visit of the doctor I got diagnosed with a trapped nerv, got cracked back in place, got injection and painkillers and cannot work until monday now :/

At least I can pay more attention to my loved polishes now, this makes the pain a little better ^^

Today I wanna show you another beauty I just recieved 2 days ago from Llarowe
The brand is called CrowsToes, and the polish has an awesome name which made me laugh so badly :D Heartshaped Box of Horse *!@#! - it´s from this years valentine´s day collection.

The polish is a clear base, packed with micro and tiny red hex glitter, little brown square glitter and medium gold hex glitter. Just an awesome glitterbomb in a great color combo.

I decided to layer this beauty over China Glaze Something Sweet, a cotton candy pink polish, opaque in 2 coats.

Here one shot of Something Sweet on its own.

Now back to my CrowsToes beauty - it is just stunning! Application was very easy, you get a TON of glitter on the brush and its very simple to place it on the nail. Dry time was totally average. I topped the polishes with one coat of Essie Good to Go.

Now one picture how the polish looks in the shadow.

And, as last, a close up shot of the bottle :)

Hope you enjoyed my swatches - have a great wednesday everybody!!

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  1. Hey :)
    Also das mit den Followerbuttons ist eigentlich echt einfach:
    Die Bottons habe ich von IconArchive.
    Ich empfehle dir diese hier:
    Und das Tutorial, wie du sie einbaust, hast du hier:
    Das Tutorial ist aber ein wenig schwierig zu verstehen, wenn es eben um das Einfügen des Icons geht. Da musst du eigentlich nur das Bild rechtsanklicken -> Eigenschaften und kopiere dir die Adresse (URL). Füg sie dann einfach in den Code ein. :)
    Wenn du Fragen hast, dann stell sie mir doch (auf meinem Blog :))!
    Liebste Grüße,


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