Monday, July 9, 2012

Tiger Glitter Polishes


I went shopping saturday and was the first time in a new store in Helsinki called Tiger. 

I thought it might be a finnish concept but actually it is a denish brand with more than 150 shops in whole europe ;)

HERE you can choose your country and check if there is one close to you :)

Okay, back to topic. I bought 2 no-name Tiger polishes there, 2€ each. They looked interesting so I had to give it a try. And I have to say: I am very positive surprised!

Tiger Nail Polish No. 42
Tiger Nail Polish No. 41







Both polishes were opaque with 2 coats and there are a lot of tiny sparkly glitter and a few holographic particles inside.
Negative was just that the dry time was very slow and the smell is really chemical - but hey, for 2€ I cannot really complain :) And both glitter a lot in the sun, it was just hard to capture the sparkle.

Finnish with a topcoat to seal your polish and make it even more sparkle.

Oh, one more fact. I have the feeling that No. 41 looks pretty close to China Glaze´s Atlantis :D Just without that much holographic glitter....

(these picture is not from me)

China Glaze "Atlantis"

 See you wednesday!


  1. sehr hübsche Farben, würde mir ohne Glitzer etwas besser gefallen.

  2. Ohne Glitzer würde mir der dunklere von den Tiger Nagellacken gefallen.

  3. Oh Tiger, wie toll! <3
    Da waren mein Freund und ich dieses Jahr auch noch; allerdings in Sonderborg. :)
    Die Farben gefallen mir beide sehr gut! :)
    LG Natascha

  4. Den Laden kenne ich noch nicht, die lacke gefallen mir aber :))
    Obwohl ich mehr ein Fan von klassischem Rot bin :)

  5. hammer! ich bin ja eh so ein nagellackjunkie :D


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