Monday, July 30, 2012

Freestyle in Gold and Brown

Welcome Back :)

Yesterday I was sooo bored, so I just freestyled a little on my nails, without any big plan ^_^

Rimmel "Mocha Fever"
China Glaze "I Herd That"

I started painting my nails with 2 coats of I Herd That. Damn I love this polish - sooo pretty but still kinda soft and elegant <3 And you can see tiny copper, silver and gold pigments inside.

Than I taped off my nails diagonal and painted them with the Rimmel polish.

Later I created with a tiny dotting tool some dark brown dots onto the golden side.
You COULD keep it like this, and finnish with a topcoat, or like me try some more stuff ;)

I was in a playful mood, so I grabbed a golden striper and put some golden dots into my brown ones and painted a diagonal line with it.
It MAY bee too much now, but I think it looks kinda cool ;)

Enjoy your week, tomorrow is my 25th birthday, but I will just relax at home ^^
Maybe I should create some birthday nails... hmmm :D
See you!

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  1. echt richtig gut geworden!
    total hübsches design :)


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