Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Striping Tape Manicure

Hey :)

I was on a very nice wedding last saturday and wanted to show you quickly which design I took on my nails for these special day.

The dress I wore was black with a few white and purple flower ornaments on the frontside, so I decided to paint my nails black and create details with purple striping tape and a silver/white rhinestone :)

Polishes and tools I used:
Magenta-colour Striping Tape
China Glaze "Smoke and Ashes"
Nubar "Blue Siren" Glitter

Stripig tape is thin sticky nail-art tape which comes in a lot of colours - matte, glittery or shiny.

Here is what I did in the end:
Thumb and ringfinger have striping tape and a white rhinestone.
The 3 other nails have Nubar glitter on top of the black polish.

These design looked very nice, but there were some HUGE issues.

What went wrong:
  1. The Striping Tape did almost NOT stick by itself on my nails. Was super hard to keep it in place until I fixed it with topcoat.
  2. The topcoat. Aaaaa! I used Essie Good To Go and it kinda made some of the tapes colour disappear! Like it was acidly or something... hell!
  3. Already ca 2 hours after the striping tape started to loosen itself on the edges and looked very weird. Eve the topcoat was not able to hold it in place. On the next day I could peel all of these tape just away from my nails because it was so broken...
So lets say it like this:
It looked very cute and was fun to try but in the end it was not worth the efford. I think I will try it again but hope to find better techniques maybe.

Somebody any tips for me? :D

See you!


  1. Oh that looks very nice =)
    Well done <3

  2. Ich kann leider keine Tipps geben - ich kenne mich bei so etwas gar nicht aus :D
    Aber schönes Design, auch wenn es mir für eine Hochzeit eindeutig zu dunkel gewesen wäre!


  3. Gute Arbeit, aber mir persönlich du dunkel und zu viel!

  4. sehr schönes Design, aber für eine Hochzeit etwas zu dunkel :P ♥

  5. Jaja, bei Hochzeiten muss man ja auch immer hellen Nagellacken auftauchen *Nase rümpf*
    Die Farben passen zu deinem Kleid und das war nunmal so dunkel, nich wahr ;)
    Ich find die Farben super, nur schade, dass du mit dem Design so viel Ärger hattest. Ich bin mir sicher, beim zweiten Versuch wirds bombig ^_^


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