Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My very first Water Marbling

Welcome Back!

Sorry for my delated post, I was somehow not even thinking about the blog for 3 days :D Shame ^^

Today I tried something I always wanted to do: Water Marbling.

And: it is DAMN tricky :D

I read so many articles about, watched videos, got tips and tricks but still - man I had a hard time.

Sometimes the polish did not spread any more after 2 cicles were done, sometimes it dried so fast that I was hardle able to create ANY pattern inside, then I messed 2 nails with my tape and had to start all over again ... *sigh*
But: I will try it again one day ;)

(left to right)
  • China Glaze "White On White"
  • O.P.I. "Thanks A Windmillion"
  • O.P.I. "Don´t Mess With OPI"

Paint your nails a white colour or another (or another colour if you want to, but white makes the colour of the design show up best on your nails)

Use scotch tape to protect your fingers from getting messed up with polish.

I used a small drinking glass for my marbling.

Then start dropping polish in your water and create circles. With a toothpick you can later create any patters inside.

I really wanted to take pictures of these steps but the polish turned out to be only lasting maybe 1min after the design was ready until it dried on the surface of the water, so I havent even had time to take pictures :( Check google for some!

Dip your nail into the spot of the design you want to have on your nail, and use a toothpick to clean up the polish around off the water.

Thats what I got, not very beautiful but okaaaay.

Design on my thumb. Somehow I got a blob of polish at it, weird :D

Ready hand after I removed the tapes. It really protected me well and the cleaning was not sooo huge.

Left hand after I cleaned it up

Design on my right hand.

I hope to find a better technique one day that the polish does not dry superfast on the waters surface, because I hardly got any time to create a nice design...

I read that tub water is not very good but since this is all I have I think this might have been one of the reasons, and maybe it had the wrong temperature.

Anyway - it was fun to try and you should, too :)


  1. Wow, sieht DAS genial aus... muss ich unbedingt mal selbst ausprobieren!!

    Gruß Bella

  2. really cute! :c

  3. Ich hab Water Marbling niiie hinbekommen, es aber tausendmal probiert ._.

    achja, deine Nägel haben ne ganz schön komische Form o.O


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. sehr cool, danke für die inspiration!

  6. Hi,
    great DIY Nails.

    Thank you for sharing this.




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