Friday, August 3, 2012

Accessorize Polish "Bronze"

Happy Friday!

Today I have nice swatches of my latest duochrome polish for you :)
I havent got any in a LONG time, so lets take a look.

These polish is from the very cool Accessorize store in Helsinki, where I ALWAYS find something to buy, like jewellery, bags, sweet stuff like stickers or notebooks ... WHATEVER :D  They offer make up since ca 6 month so I had to try out their polishes, bought 2 actually.

"Bronze" is a very interesting duochrome polish which is shifting from bronze/purple to green/gold.

Here you can see the purple/bronze shade.

And here, just when I turned my nails a little, the greenish golden shade came out.

Back to bronze

These picture captures very nicely the different shades in one shot, these should give you a very exact idea about the whole duochrome effect these polish can produce on your nails.

I used 2 coats of polish, it was easy to apply but tends to be a tiny little streaky.
Dry time was a little slow but still acceptable.

I saw so many so called Duochromes which does not show any effect, so these one is very amazing and strong - love it, I am sure I will wear it in autumn :)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. wow, die farbe ist der wahnsinn!!!!! *___* Wie heißt die genau????

  2. Der Lack ist wirklich schön

  3. Hey! (:

    Praktikum wird in der Buchhandlung gemacht, weil mich das Radio so spontan nicht mehr wollte.. c:

    Wie war denn dein Au-pair-Jahr?
    Ich hatte bis jetzt keine sehr guten Erfahrungen bei dem Austausch.

    Liebe Grüße, Leo

  4. die Farbe ist echt richtig toll..

  5. kann den mädels nur zustimmen, hammer farbe! :) x


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