Monday, August 20, 2012

Beige & Red Leopard Gradient

Hi Everybody!

I am very excited to show you guys my latest manicute which I totally love :)

It is made with a simple sponge gradient (or ombre) and some easy animal patterns.

Polishes I used

  • Wild & Mild Nail Art Pen "black"
  • Lumene Gloss & Care "I´ll Wait"
  • Sally Hanson Diamond Strength "3K or more!"

I started with 2 coats of the very nice beige/sand polish. It even has some sparkly microglitter inside!

Then I picked a make up sponge and sponged on some of the raspberry polish and created a fading effect.
After it is good to use a topcoat to make the gradient colours blend nicely into each other.

Then I picked a dotting tool and created a few small random shapes on top of the red gradient with the same beige polish I used before.

Finally I picked my nail art pen and created some black outlines and random marks around the beige dots.
Finnish with a fast drying topcoat and you are done :)

Have a stressfree new week!


  1. Das ist echt ne süße Idee:)


  2. Booooah ! echt toll ! und ich poste auch alle 2 tage :DD <3

  3. finds wie bei schritt 2 am schönsten :)

  4. Muss ich nachmachen- ist eine tolle Idee :) i like!

  5. Das ist dir gut gelungen


  6. ich mag den gold-korall farbverlauf total, das könntest du auch so lassen:)

  7. ich finds richtig gut :)

  8. Au man Ombre und Leo Muster? Wie soll ich das jemals schaffen ^^ Sieht auf jedenfall super aus :)

    lg Klaudia


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