Friday, August 10, 2012

Green Gradient Design


Today I was absolutely clueless what I could do with my nails, so I asked a friend (lets all wish her a big "get well soon", she just managed to break her leg ... ouch. ). 
"Give me a hint, a design idea or at least some colours I should use!!!" She came up with:
RED & GREEN (and better bright than light) O_o

Oh man... this was hard :D Since I am not a big fan of red I decided to use it just as a highlight and focus on the green - here is what I came up with ^^

O.P.I. " Dont Mess With OPI"
Isadora No. 729 "Marzipan"

I painted all my nails with 2 coats of a pistachio green.

Then I prepared a make up sponge with the same light green which I already used on my nails and painted some of the dark green above. After I pushed it a few times ona  piece of paper to get rid of the polish which was just too much. as well it will create a softer gradient between the colours you used.

Then you just push the make up sponge gently a few times on your nails and it will create a nice gradient design.
And YOU should maybe better use some tape to protect your fingertips, I surely forgot it and had some mess to clean after with cotton sticks and nailpolish remover ;)

Since my friend requested as well to use some red, I decided to pick some fine red glitter from the brand technic. It is super small sparkly glitter in a clear base, perfect for my plan.

Here you can see the ready result in the shadow.

This is what it looked like in the evening sunshine :) I actually really like the contrast between red and green, I would have never used these colours together - thanks for the idea ^^

I wish you all a great weekend :)


  1. like somehow
    made a tutorial for ombrenails

  2. the gradient looks great, and with the addition of red it's just awesome *.*


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