Saturday, August 4, 2012

H&M Glitter Polish "Zoo"


Today I realized that I have an untouched package of an H&M polish set in one of my handbags - since 2 weeks! This cannot happen :D 

Sooo now I wanna show you one of these 2 polishes, called "Zoo".

"Zoo" (left) and "City" (right)

One coat in the shadow. It is very sheer but already one coat looks kinda cute.

Two coats. It was almost opaque now but for full coverage you will need 3 coats. Since I NEVER use 3, I am lazy, I stopped after two coats and think that it is totally fine like this :)

Finally I found some sunbeams. 2 coats with a tiny bit of sun - already way more sparkle :)

Love the soft colour. It looks girly and elegant somehow :)

Watch the holographic sparkle in full evening sun <3

 Blurred that you can see HOW much holographic glitter is inside!

I think I really fell in love with these polish *_*

Some facts: Very easy to work with this polish. Needs 3 coats for full coverage. Dry time was a little slow but still acceptable. Needs a topcoat to make the glitter shine and give it a smooth touch.

I would love to show you how these polish looks in real. My pictures are not able at all to show how sparkly it is. Already in normal daylight you can see the shimmer quiet well, but if you step into the sunshine - woooow :D

I havent tried the 2nd polish of this set yet, but will let you know soon how it turns out ;)


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