Saturday, September 1, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012 - Day 01: Red


I have some very exciting news!!!!

I will attend on the 31 Day Challenge 2012 !!!!!!!!!!! :D

I hope I will find the nerves, time and concentration to do a new design EVERY day for the next month but I will try to ^^ But this time I will not find the time for tutorials - just enjoy the end-result.

Okay, since todays topic was: red nails, I decided to use some very light, pinkish red as a base in 2 coats and after I added with scotch tape a red french tip and some red microglitter on top :) I like it even red is normally NOT my favourite colour :D

Polishes I used
Light Red: Wild & Crazy "Neon Light"
Dark Red: Wild & Crazy "Colorado Springs"
Red Microglitter: Technic "Christmas Cracker"

Sorry that both pics got rotated but blogger did this, not me :(

Here a view at the challenge:

See you tomorrow at day 2!!!

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