Tuesday, September 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012 - Day 04: Green

Hiiiiii :D

Green, green is the color I see, if you are wearing green then show it to me ^_^

I love my design today, it is just soooo simple but super super cute. 
Ever since I saw it randomly in the internet one day with red apples I knew I HAVE to re-do this at some point - today was the day!

Polishes I used:
  • White Nail Art Polish
  • Lumene "Close To You"
  • Isadora Wonder Nail "729 Marzipan"
  • Isadora Wonder Nail "653 Mellow Yellow"
  • Rimmel "185 Mocha Fever"
  • O.P.I. "Don´t Mess With OPI"

For the apple design I just used the polish´s own brush and created basically a heart shape on half of my nail. Then I took a tiny paintbrush and painted the stalk and a small leave. I wanted to have one apple look like cut into half so I choose a light yellow polish and painted with the polish´s brush a little bit smaller apple shape over one of the green apples. In this case my ringfinger. Inside I added 2 tiny seeds. After I picked my white nail art polish and created a light reflex on the right side of each apple to give it more live.
Finnish with a topcoat and you are done :D

I was pretty late today so it turned already slowly dark outside... this is the best pic I got, after I went inide and tried to take a few more pis with artificial light :)

I hope you liked my apple design :) See you tomorrow for day 5!!!


  1. süße idee :)


  2. I wanna crunch into your fingers! :p

  3. Tolle Idee und schön lackiert :)




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