Friday, September 21, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012 - Day 21: Inspired By A Colour

Hi Everybody!

Yeah, the last 10 "inspired by..." days started today!
I think these are the hardest challenges but I´ll try to do my very best *_*

I inspired myself today by a beautiful awesome polish I fell immediately in love with when I saw the first swatches. It is "Every Day Is Oktoberfest" from the O.P.I. Germany Collection.

It is a vampy superdark whine-red, or basically black with whine red shimmer. Extremely genious! And since I just love dark, especially black polishes, I HAD to get it!

I don´t wanted to spoil these amazing polish with some weird patterns etc, so I just set a accent nail with Essie light pink glitter and applied a light pink rhinestone on top of all nails.

Hope you will like it - and please again excuse my bad light situation :-p

Polishes I used:

  •  Seche Vite Topcoat
  • Essie "A Cut Above"
  • O.P.I. "Every Day Is Oktoberfest"

See you very soon for the next design :)


  1. Du kannst echt tolle Designs machen :-) Ich liebe den Glitzerlack...!♥ Echt super Blog!
    Lust mich auch zu besuchen?:


  2. I love the white gems at the base of the nail ;)

    1. They are actually light pink :) Same as the glitter. Thanks Gin :)

  3. Aww *O* Der Lack von O.P.I. ist ja wirklich bombastisch schön! Neid, Neid, Neid :D
    Und das Design finde ich auch übelst toll <3

  4. OMG ich dachte die Germany collection ist total blöd, aber DANKE, wegen dir muss ich die Farbe jetzt unbedingt haben! :D Sieht einfach nur toll aus, auch mit den Steinchen ♥


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