Thursday, September 13, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012 - Day 13: Animal Print

Welcome Back!

Aaaaaaanimal Print - yeehaaa ^____^

I was so excited about this day since I really love it so much, especially leo-prints ;)

I wanted to try something I never tried before, so I combined 2 animals wich each other: Leopard & Zebra. 
Unfortunately the light during the whole day was so grey, dark, rainy and bäh and my pics are really not nice quality, not even under artificial light. And I extra used holographic polishes, which are now absolutely not visible at all ;(

Whatever, I hope you still like it!!!! :)

Polishes I used:
  • China Glaze "Spin Me Round"
  • Glitter Gal Holographic Topcoat
  • Sally Hansen Insta Dri "Whirlwind White"
  • China Glaze "Below Deck"
  • Wild & Mild Nail Art Pen & Brush

I started with painting all my nails 2 coats of a white polish. After I used one thin coat of the holographic topcoat to make it shine in the NOT EXISTING sun. >-<
Then I used average scotch tape to create the chessboard-pattern with the light-brown holographic China Glaze polish.
After I created dark brown dots all over the light brown polish and used my nail art pen to create the black C and () shapes around, as well I added some black tiny spots.
Then finally I added with the same nail art pen some zebra pattern on top of the white polish, crated a + shape in between the nail and finnished off with a topcoat.
Hope you understood, but feel free to ask me if there are any questions :)

And in creepy DAYLIGHT! Damn I hate autumn :-P

See you tomorrow for day 14!


  1. I love this!! I never thought about combining two animal prints :))

  2. Das sieht soooo hammer aus! Ich schaffe es gar nicht so oft zu lackieren, wie ich bei dir schöne Designs sehe! :D

    habe dich für einen Award nominiert, schau doch mal vorbei wenn du magst!


  3. Wow!! That is so creative. Love your nails!


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