Thursday, September 20, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012 - Day 20: Water Marble

Hello :)

Grrr I hate water marble!! So... now you know.

Still I tried it again and (3rd time already) again without much success :D I took at least 20 turns and the polish always dried within 45sec, I could hardly get ANY design done because at the time I dipped my toothpick in it was almost completely dry already. And this with 3 different water temperatures and 6 different polishes... damn! And I dit NOT use any fast drying polish or had a window open... why is this happening to me? ;(

Then I as well screwed 2 nails up during drying time, so my pointer is pretty lame right now on the tip, just lost polish there. And before it was the best looking nail grrrr! 
At least the pinkie and the ringfinger are quiet ok.
But thanks to your positive response - helped my broken soul a lot <3 It really does look like hot chocolate :D realized it just now ^^ 

  • Jessica "Pumpkin Delight"
  • Wild and Crazy "Crunch"
  • Rimmel "Mocha Fever"
And here some pictures... enjoy :D :D :D

I think it looks as well a little bit weird because I choose glitter polishes which got a little flaky when they started to spread. Oh, did I mention that it hardly did not spread at all? :D 

Please let tomorrow be easier - see you guys!!!


  1. total cool!! :D
    das erinnert mich iwie so an cappuccino oder iwie son getränk in die richtung halt :D

  2. I really like it a lot! It doesn't look half as bad as I expected it to, given your reaction... it's really quite good! Reminds me of hot chocolate...yum!

  3. Thank you so much Sybil :) You made my day ^^


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