Monday, September 24, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012 - Day 24: Inspired By A Book


Uhlalalala I can finally create a design I planned to do a long time already:

Harry Potter Nails!

This book is something very special for me. I grew up with it. I was 11 when I started to read his stories, same age as he was at this time. I feared and cried and laughed so much. We have a lot things in common, the weirdst one is the birthdate :) Yes we both are born on july 31th ^_^ 

Here we go! Expecto Patronus!!

Polishes I used:

  •  China Glaze "Recycle"
  • Sally Hansen Insta Dri " Night Flight"
  • O.P.I. "Skull & Glossbones"
  • Sally Hansen Insta Dri " Whirlwind White"

  • Wild and Crazy "Colorado Springs"
  • O.P.I. "Don´t Mess With OPI"
  • Lumene "Get Color"
  • O.P.I. "Suzi Says Feng Shui"

The Golden Snitch, Harrys Glasses, Hogwarts Flag, Harrys Scar & the Harry Potter Logo 

See you tomorrow for day 25 already - I don´t give up :D

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  1. Ich habe einen Blogaward für dich! :)
    Liebst, Rosalie<3


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