Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lush Laquer - Pink Panther

Hiii everybody!!

Today I wanted to show you a new indie polish I ordered from US. It´s one I always always wanted to own and I watched the bookmarked links at least once a week - just the shipping price to Finland was always the reason that I decided not to order... it was more expensive than the polish itself :/
But  finally, for christmas, I got it :D

It´s Lush Laquer "Pink Panther"
Basically a clear base with TONS of tiny pink & medium pink glitter, tiny white & big white glitter and tiny black and big black glitter. Soooo wow!

For my manicure I used pink panther over a sheer pink from O.P.I. - Privacy Please

It was almost opaque in 2 coats and I love it as a base for these firework of colors :D

I had to drag the glitter a little bit around on the nail, but it was pretty easy to apply.
You may have to thin the polish a tiny bit, but for me it was workable :)
I used just one coat of Pink Panther - it is really STUFFED with glitter!

I am totally in love with these color-combo - hope it will last a while :D

Enjoy the rest of your week and don´t let others stress you!!


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! It's totally worth every cent :D

  2. das sieht ja super toll aus :)


    1. Ja gell? :D Den muss ich noch über vielen anderen Farben testen ^_~

  3. Wow!
    tolle Nagellacke hast du! ich bin jetzt deine Leserin!
    über gegenseitiges Verfolgen würde ich mich sehr freuen! :)


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