Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dance Legend - Android

Happy Sunday!

It´s sooo hot today outside, but I somehow have nothing to do and slept a lot and stayed in my room. Boring sunday :) But at least I have my little blog to work on ^^

Today I have an awesome holographic polish to show you. Actually I have 3 of them - today is just the start ^^

Since a few month there is a new russian nail polish brand spreading like crazy, called Dance Legend. They are just amazing and have a very wide range of collections, from sand finnish to neons, nudes, glitters etc. But their holographic polish collection "New Prism" is just breathtaking!

The one I wear right now is called "Android", a grass green beauty with an amazing holographic effect.

But, let the pictures talk, shall we? :D Oh, the holographic effect in real was much stronger, my camera was just not able to capture it perfectly :)

And now 2 pictures how it looks like in the shadow. No holographic effect, but it's still a very pretty green. In artificial light it is shimmering already a little more.

I wore 2 coats of Android, with OPI Nail Envy basecoat and a fast drying topcoat, it's a very opaque polish. The topcoat did not dull the holographic effect at all. As well you don´t need a special aqua basecoat. These Dance Legend holos are VERY easy, no special preperation and care needed :)

I purchased mine direct on the official russian homepage. It´s a very nice service and low shipping - it just took around 8 weeks until it arrived. That's the only minus. But I knew it :)
You can as well wait for a new restock and grab yours from Llarowe.

Enjoy the last weekend-day ^^

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