Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dance Legend - Termo Trio 1 & Lucky 13 - Stupid Starfish


I have an exciting post for you today! When I bought my Dance Legend holographic polishes I as well included one of the awesome Termo Trio polishes which start to become very famous in the polish world.
Like the name is already telling, they don't just shift into 2, but 3 shades! Cold, medium and warm.

I took a bowl with ice-cold water with me in the garden and tried my very best to show you how this polish is working. Since it is a pretty hot day today the effect didn't last long, just a few seconds, but still it's awesome *_*

Oh, and I topped the polish with an awesomely cute new glitter I got yesterday, it's from Lucky 13 and is called "Stupid Starfish" *_* It's one of these polishes you see on a swatch and you want it IMMEDIATELY! It has a clear base with tiny purple microglitter, medium light green hexes, medium pale pink squares and pink stars. This could become one of my top 5 glitters ever <3

First a few pictures how this dance legend polish will look most of the daytime, without contact with hot or cold substance. Very pretty light violet / periwinkle.

Isn't the glitter cute??? *_*

And now let's come to the fun part: the cold water :)

This is how dark the polish gets in contact with cold substance. But, if I took if out of the water it immediately turned into a french manicure looking dark tip.

In this picture thumb and pinkie are average and the 3 other fingers show a cold gradient.

2sec after taking it out of the water....

...and around 30sec later. Fainted but still visible :)

I used 2 coats of the Dance Legend polish (awesome formula and pretty opaque) and one dabbed coat of Stupid Starfish (very good ammount of glitter and easy to fish for stars).

I hope you got an idea how the Termo Trio polish is looking like and that you enjoyed my pictures :)

You can purchase Dance Legend on their russian homepage and over Llarowe.
Stupid Starfish you can get right here.


  1. Die Nagellackfarbe finde ich total schön, aber ich mag kein Glitzer. Süß ist der Glitzer trotzdem :D

    1. Wie kann man denn keinen Glizer mögen? :D Über 50% meiner 250 Lacke sind Glitzer-Lacke ^^ Aber hey jeder hat ja eigene Favoriten :)

  2. Huch das ist ja total cool mit dem "kalte" Wasser Effekt.
    Gefällt mir. Der Glitter hat auch irgendwie was,
    ist mir persönlich aber einen Tick zu kindisch.

    Liebst, Becci

    1. Ich hab die Hände auch bei jeder Gelegenheit unter ein Waschbecken gehalten ^^ Es ist sooooo cool :D

  3. oh that lokks great :)

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks so much Fio - you have to try one of these termo polishes *_*


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