Monday, July 8, 2013

Shimmer - Tammy

Welcome Back :)

I was on a beautiful wedding, around 3 weeks ago, and I wore a black dress with white and purple flower pattern. So I needed to find a nice polish for these event which fits and is ultra sparkly and outstanding. And: I found one :)

It is the first Shimmer polish I ever tried, and it was to die for! Tammy is a polish LOADED with purple, black and gold tiny glitter, and has as well some silver bar glitter inside. It´s incredible.

I layered it over a pretty red toned purple from Essence, oh well I forgot the name, will search for it tomorrow - today the digging in my polish box would wake up my flatmates :D

I have to say that these polish was incredible hard to capture in pictures, and my cam didn´t want to focus a lot. I took like 20 pics and ended up with uploading 7 of them, the rest was not very great. These polish you just have so see with your own eyes :)

Pictures in sunlight.

Pictures in shadow.

I used 1 coats of Tammy over my purple base coat, and it was extremely easy to apply. There is so much glitter on your brush, you don´t need to dig for it at all. :) It´s a bomb!

You can purchase Shimmer´s polishes on Etsy.

Have a great new week!!

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