Monday, July 29, 2013

Dollish Polish - Gotham City

Hallo, hi & moi ^^

Again I show you an older swatch today since they start to pile up on my laptop and I need to get a little order in my blogger-life :D

It's, like so often, from my favourite indie maker Dollish Polish. A true beauty: clear base with black bar glitter, tiny black hex glitter, medium teal hex glitter, medium square black glitter and big hex teal pieces. So pretty! It's called Gotham City.

I decided to layer Gotham City over my probably favourite creme blue, OPI "What's With The Cattitude", a bright wonderful medium/lighter blue which is just to die for. 


I wore this combo a few days and just loved it! Whats With The Cattitude has a very easy opaque texture, I applied 2 average coats. Then I dabbed on one coat of Gotham City, which is very easy to apply. There is a ton of glitter inside and no fishing is required.

I hope you guys had an awesome weekend!

See you probably on wednesday, which is my birthday. ^_^ 

Ps: Oh, you can get Dollish Polish like always on her homepage or over Llarowe


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