Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dance Legend - Fantastic Trip

Welcome back my dear polish addicts :D

Like promised, today I will show you my 2nd Dance Legend holographic baby. I as well have to admit that I "accidentaly" ordered 4 new ones from their russian page lol.
So I guess there will be a few more swatches in future :)

Today´s holo is called "Fantastis Trip", a peach-pinkish polish, which looks pretty nude in the shadow. A very interesting color, not so BAM in your face - and still it freaks out when it hits the sun <3

Check it out

And here is how it looks in the shadow - it was a little hard to capture but I think the first picture does it well.

Very lady-like, its't it? I adore these polish!

I used again 2 coats, with average base- and topcoat. There are no special procedures required, these holo is unstoppable, even without aqua base or with topcoat ;)

Again, you can purchase Dance Legends creations over their russian webpage: here ^^
OR over my alltime favourite polish-page Llarowe :)

Have a great day, here in Helsinki we have 26 degree and beautiful sun <3
See you on thursday with my 3rd Dance Legend swatch!

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  1. Was für ein toller Lack! Nicht dass ich mir oft die Nägel lackieren würde, aber für das ein oder andere Schmuckprojekt...haaaach... ;)



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