Friday, August 2, 2013

10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 1: Warm Colors

Hey nail-freaks ^^

I got the spontanious offer to still join a 10 Days Summer Challenge which already started one day ago, but since these guys decided to just post every 2nd day I'm good I guess ;)

Today's manicure is supposed to made oft of warm colors only. So I quickly googled it and wikipedia told me that basically every red-dish tone counts. Yellow. Orange. Red. Pink. Great ^^

This is what I came up with:

I am actally very happy with the result. I used a light yellow base color and painted all my nails with it.
After I used thin striping tape and taped 3 pieces across my nails to create these little rectangles. Then I just choose 6 warm polishes and painted my rectangles. And surely, then you remove your tape and clean up the nails with some acteone or nail polish remover.

Just one thing really make me ANGRY! I choose blue meatllic looking striping tape, and it STAINED my beautiful light yellow bast color! It's hard to see on my pics fortunately, but in real my yellow looks ugly and dirty now. Not cool... Need to use my white stripin tape the next time -_-

So, now check out what the other 4 girls did and see you tomorrow for day TWOOO :D



  1. Replies
    1. I normally totally prefer cold colors but together in a mix these ones really get well together :)

  2. Vau, this is gorgeous!! And I know the striping tape problem very well, I have only the purple one so I have to be very careful when I remove it :/

    1. I have 8 different colors, but I really should just use the very light ones or better, just the white one. Did not know at all that these little bastards can stain >_<

  3. I so glad you joined :)
    Your mani looks amazing!

  4. nice mani, and welcome to the challenge :)
    yep, i know that feel, had the same problem with my green striping tape -.-


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