Monday, August 19, 2013

10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 08: Summer Jewellery

Hiiiiiiiiii !!!!

I am sorry that I broke my "I post every 2nd day" rule... I was just so stressed and tired from my first week of work, and I couldn't focus any more at some point. Man, my mails looked totally homeless until today - shame :D

Now, even too late, I post our 8th day of the summer challenge, which focus of summer jewellery.
I had not really an idea what to do, until I googled it :) And there I saw a ton of colorful jewelry, mostly necklaces, but as well earrings or bracelets. A ton of beads in every color of the rainbow :) 
So I picked my dotting tools, a bunch of bright colors and that was it basically ^_^

I think it turned out nice and I like how simple and yet colorful it is :)
As a base I used 2 coats of OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls", my new favourite white ever.

Colors I used:
Thumb = Essence Nude Glam "Cafè Olè"
Opi "What's with the Cattitude?"
Pointer = OPI "Don't Mess With OPI"
Rimmel "Lemon Drop"
Middle Finger = Golden Rose No. 213
GOSH "Pool Party"
Ring Finger = Rimmel "Sorbet So Good"
OPI "Gothic Lolita"
Pinkie = China Glaze "Aquadelic"
Models Own "Peaches & Cream"

I will try to post day no. 09 of the challenge until the end of the week, lets hope that I don't immediately fall asleep again at home like last week :D Man, children can be such an energy sucker ^^

Check out the other girl's manicures:


  1. i like it, it really looks somehow happy and summery :D

  2. These are supercute! I'm totally steal this mani from you, ha! :)
    Cheers from ;)


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