Friday, August 9, 2013

10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 05: Sunset Nails

Hi Everybody!!!

Today was a grey, rainy, ugly, horrible day and I was boooored! How perfect that I needed to create a new design for today's challenge: Sunset Nails!

I never did a sunset design but always wanted, this is why I really love nail challenges. You are kinda "forced" to do stuff and you learn a lot of new styles and techniques :)

I wanted to create something else than JUST palm trees, so I googled a lot until I found one blog which showed little black water decals, nail stickers which looked like camels, in front of a sunset gradient. So I thought "it cannot be sooo hard to freehand draw such" :D was tricky but doable.
Cat doesn't need stickers!!!! Tschakka!

So, enough writing, let's take a look at my pictures.

I really have to say: I'm so proud of myself :D
When I just looked at the gradient, I didn't like it at all, but now with the black silouettes it is awesome!

First I painted all my nails 2 coats of average yellow. I used Lumene "Get Color".

For the gradient I sponged on 4 colors from dark purple to yellow.
Purple = Wet n Wild - "Disturbia"
Red = Wild and Crazy "Colorado Springs"
Orange = OPI "Flirt a Bit"
Yellow = Lumene "Get Color"

After I used a topcoat and then I picked my "magic wand", a black nail art pen. These things are so awesome to create tiny detailed stuff on nails. I use my black one most of the time. For other things I like as well brushes, but sometimes nail art pens can be such a huge help :)

I freehanded palm trees, camels and pyramides and cleaned up the mess around my cuticles. READY!

Hope you liked it and maybe you leave me a comment ^^

See you soon, and check out the other girls before you leave!


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