Tuesday, August 13, 2013

10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 07: Swimsuits

Hey Guys!

Grrrrrr I hate hate hate these day of the challenge.... because I totally screwed it in my oppinion :D
I don't like how most of my swimsuits turned out and the shapes and the colors and bäääääh. Whatever, let's face the truth: I'm still really a beginner and sometimes Cats nail art loooks like one of my kindergarten toddler could have made it ;)

My basic idea was to create white swimsuit shapes and then to fill it in with some of my indie polishes, since I love them so much and I have so many unused which I wanted to try. After they looked even weirder (is weirder a word?), so I started to outline the suits...which did not really help a lot :D 

Well - make yourself an oppinion ^^

I think I'm fine with the ring finger and my thumb. These I can accept :D

Polishes I used:
Thumb = Lush Lacquer "Clowning Around"
Pointer = Smitten Polish "Pink Goes Good With Green"
Middle Finger = Smitten Polish "Look To The Western Sky"
Ring Finger = Different Dimension "Hanna"
Pinkie = Scofflaw "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"
+ different stripers for the outlines

I have such a feeling that the next 2 manicures will not turn out much better, so keep folling me going down muhahaha ;D

Please check out the other girls manicures for today:


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