Sunday, August 11, 2013

10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 06: Tribal Nails

Happy Sunday Everybody!!!

Yeeeeah it's already the 6th day of our summer challenge...which not just means that the challenge ends soon, but as well that summer is soon over. Here in Finland the nights start to become cooler already and the weather starts to change. Guess in the end of october we will have snow again >_<

Back to business! Today is Tribal Day :) I just once did a tribal design in my life, last autumn for a 31 day challenge. Took me forever but it turned out ok - check it HERE :)

This time I did it less complicated and more girly and cute ^^ I saw a picture with a partly similar design in the internet and needed to try something like this. I love owls :D

I am pretty happy with the result even it stressed me in the morning, thinking what to do ;)

I used one average white polish as base and did one coat of Dollish Polish "You're a real Sweet Tart" on top. Normally I love these crelly white polish with it's multiciolored tiny hex glitter inside, I just shouldn't have used it for my tribal today :D That's why you can see some random glitter on my nails ^^

After I created some thicker lines and dots with Dance Legend "Spectrum", a pink very holographic beautiful polish.

The last step was, to get a black striper and create the final lines, dots and stripes. 
I'm not very good in creating some steady non-shaked lines but yeah, it gets better I guess.

Hope you liked my little owl tribal and hope to see you back soon, at least for the next summer challenge design which will be posted on monday (evening I guess because I will start working again).

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