Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 04: Textured Nails

Tervetuloa (welcome in finnish) :)

Today is texture-day! Yeeeeah!
Well... I had no clue what to do ^^ Problem: I just own 3 textured nail polishes, (orange, lavender and light pink), since I totally focussed in the last 8 month on buying almost only indies. So I googled and searched for design ideas, I surely don't wanted to wear a plain polish :)

Now I came up with a very simple but yet sweet design, which shows nicely the sandy polish effect
Surely there was no sun when I took my pictures, but they turned out well I think ^^

I used a plain white as a base coat (Sally Hansen "Whirlwind White") and topped it with a average topcoat to give some shine and protection.
After I grabbed 2 of my textured Pixie Dust polishs from Zoya (Purple = "Stevie" and Orange = "Beatrix") and 3 different sized dotting tools and just started to dot on flower shapes with purple. After I just created an orange middle and that was it :)

I applied 2 layers of white, a topcoat and 2 layers of texture polish for the flowers. The dry time was pretty slow, but I really used thick coats so I guess it's normal :)

I like how gritty and sandy and still how sparkly the texture polishes look. Very cute. So, even it was an easy design, I am pleased with the result and hope you guys are, too <3

See you friday for the next day of our challenge!

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  1. Dein Blog ist echt schön, vor allem deine nageldesigns finde ich super!

    Du hast von mir einen Blog Award bekommen. :-)
    Schau doch mal vorbei:

  2. cute mani :) i like that purple zoya!


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