Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3-in-1 Swatch & Tape Design

Halloooooooooooo :)

I am so sorry that I did not post now 3 days but my beloved camera broke on monday and I was so so desperate not to have it any more *cry*
1) because of my blog and
2) because I am right now in a very lovely summer cottage here in Finland and there is so much I really still want to take pictures of
Today I just got a tiny one from the childrens grandma (I am au-pair right now) and this was SO cute from her ^^ She said she saw how desperate I was in the last 3 days and she wanted me to have her old one as a gift 

Ok, back to business now:
Today I have a 3-in-1 post for you :D
Swatch of 2 polishes and an easy tape design of both colours.

Here I swatched both polishes in the sunlight and crated on both hands an easy tape design :) I think it looks very cute and is just SO easy.
You just cut thin stripes off your scotch tape and paint over with a different colour, remove asap and READY ;)

Green polishes I used

O.P.I. "Thanks A Windmillion" &
O.P.I. "Don´t Mess With OPI"

Since I was in such a great mood today because of the new camera, I as well offered to my 2 au-pair girls Louisa & Eva to do their nails ;)
All they basically wanted was "something with glitter on top", and both wanted every hand different :D

Here are our results 

Louisa´s left hand :)

Louisa´s right hand :)

Evas left hand (the right one looked almost the same) :)

Wish you a very nice day without rain like it is here right now - grrrr >_<


  1. Hi,
    Schaut echt toll aus. Ich werde das mit den streifen mal probieren :)

    Glg sonja

  2. Sieht toll aus und darum werde ich mir jetzt meine Nägel lackieren :)

  3. aaah wie cool, vorallem die erste version ist total cool, das werde ich auf jeden fall mal ausprobieren aber in anderen farben :)
    lg anni

  4. Ich finde auch die grünen total klasse. Ich liebe diese Farbe!

  5. Das sieht wahnsinnig gut aus, das hast du echt toll hinbekommen mit den zwei OPI Lacken

  6. Das erste Design und das mit den Punkten sieht toll aus!!!

    LG Mona


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