Monday, June 4, 2012

Colourful Plaid Nail-Design

Welcome back!

Since I swatched yesterday China Glaze´s "Strawberry Field" I created today a funny colourful plaid design with it as a base.

It is pretty easy to re-create. You basically just need a 4 nail-art polishes or 4 average colours and a thin striper-brush to create thin lines.

You can take every colour of cour own choise. I used four different striper polishes - dark blue, purple, gold and white.

Start with your first colour, creating 3 lines.

Second colour, 2 more lines right and up.

Third colour, 2 more lines left and down.
Last colour, 3 more lines and you are done.

After I created all lines I finnished up with a fast drying topcoat, in my case Mavadry from Mavala.

I know, these design is pretty colourful and not everybodys taste, but then you might try it with just one colour in different shades, for example from really light to really dark blue.

These are the stripers I used

Enjoy your monday and see you soon!


  1. das ist voll der Flash wenn der blog sich öffnet mit dem ganzen Design, aber es ist trotzdem cool :)

  2. Wie meinste denn das jetzt genau? :D
    Aber dankö ^___^

  3. Wow das nenn ich mal ein Nageldesign, schön :)

    Liebste Grüße
    Ina :*

    1. Oh danke ^^ Aber ich verspreche, es kommen noch VIEL bessere :)

  4. see - you have your own idea, and a great one, love it :-D


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