Saturday, June 9, 2012

Leopard Print Nail-Design

Welcome Back!

Another Nail-Art for you! Yesterday I swatched China Glaze "Spin Me Round" and today I created with these polish as a base a simple leopard print nail design.
I know you have seen tons of these nails around already, but for me it never gets old and it looks just SO cool ;)

I started to create random dots with the "Below Deck" polish on top of the light brown. Just use the polish´s own brush. Dont try to create them too perfectly round, it will look more natural when they are different sized :)

Then I used my Nail Art Pen to create C and ( ) shapes around the brown dots. It is SO fast and easy if you use such a pen. No mess, no trouble, goes smooth like a dream and you can create very tiny things - go and get one! ;D
Of course you can as well use a tiny nail-art or paintbrush and average black polish. This is how I did my animal print nails before I figured out about nail art pens.
After these step just create a few black random dots in between.

Finnish with a fast drying topcoat to protect your design and you are ready to go!
Isn´t it easy??
This is the design with flash.

And finally in artificial light.

Polishes I used

(from left to right)
Wild & Mild Nail Art Pen & Brush, black
China Glaze "Spin Me Round"
China Glaze "Below Deck"
Mavala Mavadry Topcoat

Hey, enjoy your weekend and I would love if you leave me a comment <3


  1. Ich liebe deinen Blog mein Mausihasischatzi :* Probier ich doch echt bald mal aus :))

  2. Ok my dear, I guess I need you to do that on my nails soon.
    I love it.
    It´s awesome!

    1. It would look amazing on your nails together with your leo-tattoo ^_^

  3. Wow, sieht toll aus!!!
    Und gar nicht mal so schwer (haha sagt sich leicht, mal sehen wie ich mich mal anstell :P)

    LG Mona

    1. Es ist WIRKLICH nicht schwer, und ich sag dir, je unsauberer es wird desto netürlicher sieht es nachher aus, kein Leopard hat perfekte kreisrunde gleichgroße Punkte auf dem Fell :)

  4. Sieht wirklich sehr gut aus. Wär aber für den Alltag eher nicht so meins :)

    1. Naja evtl mehr für jetzt, fürs Wochenende ;)

  5. muss ich mal ausprobieren, sieht gut aus

  6. Sehr sehr schön!
    Wenn Du Lust auf eine MAC Watch me Simmer Verlosung hast, schau doch mal bei mir vorbei, würde mich sehr freuen.


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