Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stripy Crackle Design

Hey Everybody!

Since I cannot (or don´t want ^^) to change my nail polish every day to take new designs or swatches for you guys, I decided now to post a little older design I already did a few month ago - but I guess nobody really cares :)

It is a pretty easy design which actually does just require a crackle polish and a thin brush or striper to make tiny stripes all over your nails.

Lets start!

Paint all of your nails a solid white

Take your thin brush or striper and create thin lines vertical all over your nails.

Create a diagonal beam using the graffiti polish and the polish´s own brush and wait for it to start crackling.
Thats basically it! Now use a top coat or like I always do a fast drying coat and you are ready to go :) 
Easy, isn´t it?

Polishes I used

1) Basecoat (Sally Hansen Miracle Cure)
2) O.P.I. (Yodle Me On My Cell)
3) China Glaze (White On White)
4) IsaDora (Graffiti Nail Top 806)
5) Fast Drying Topcoat / Mavala

Have a nice weekend!


  1. love your nail design :)

    check out my blog if u like;

  2. New_York_City_Girl if you want we can subscribe each other :)

    And thank you to both of you ^___^


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