Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Personal Nail-Care

Welcome Back!

Today I dont have a polish or nail-design to show you, but I wanted to post about my personal nail-care routine to share it with you guys and maybe exchange some useful tips and tricks.

Since I do my nails every 3-4 days I need to have a good nail care to keep my nails healthy and strong. And  I have to say: they are totally not :D

They are brittle, they break, peel and are stained even I dont smoke or drink coffee ^_^
Kinda creepy...

So I have to take care EVEN MORE of them and will show you now the products I use now or used in the past and talk about them a little :)

Cuticle Oil

I use two differnt oils at the moment. The left one is Avacado-Oil and the right one is a mixed oil from Pierre René.
In case you dont know a lot about: You use cuticle oil, like the name says already pretty much, on the cuticles and around your nails to keep them moisturised and flexible and it it just a very nice treatment for nails and cuticles. I just drop one drop on top of every nail and massage it gently into the skin.


I actually dont really use a lot of handcream any more since I bought my first pot of Lemony Flutter from LUSH. I just love LUSH and these creme is one of the reasons. It keeps your hands, and especially the cuticle area and the zone around your nails, super moisturized, smells like a bucket of fresh lemons and is just a dream :) It is made from tons of cold pressed natural oils and lasts almost forever because you just need a tiny bit every time.
Okay, it takes a while to absorbe, but it is totally worth it!


The best cuticle remover I used so far is the one from Mavala. It just need a few seconds after you apply it with the brush onto your cuticle zone and then you can already carefully push your cuticles back with a manicure-stick like I mostld do, or, a tiny gummy-cuticle pusher. Both works and you get nicely rid of all old dry skin around your nails.

Nail-Files & Clippers

My favourite nail file so far is a really cheap one from P2 which I bought in a german store called "DM". It is extra for sensitive, dry and brittle nails and I think it works pretty well. I normally use a file to shorten my nails.
But in case something is broken again I as well like to grab my big nail clipper and just get quickly rid of everything I want to remove. And I really need the big one. The small ones are just horrible in my opinion :)

Nail Strengtheners

When I started to create nail designs, ca. 15 months ago, I started with an average strengthener from Sally Hansen, Diamond Strength. I was happy with it and everything welt well. Until my nails started to get more weak, then I switched to a stronger one called Miracle Cure which actually helped me for a while and really made my nails stronger again. But then it got worse again and I almost freaked out. So I started to hardly research in the internet and finally found a very very good solution: O.P.I. Nail Envy for dry and brittle nails. I use it now since ca 3 weeks and I have to say that my nails got MUCH harder and stronger and break less. They do still from time to time on the corners but I am happy already :)
Lets see how this may continue and I will tell you in a few more weeks about the results.

Sooo thats all for the monent. I would be super happy if you would share your routine with me and if you have any great products, tips and tricks, post them :D

Bye bye for now!!!


  1. haha meine Nägel sind total biegsam normalerweise...aber das mit dem Pflegen is mir zu blöd, deswegen lass ich sie verstärken :D

    LG Mona

  2. Neee ich würde mir die NIE verstärken lassen ^^ Da kämpfe ich lieber erstmal - außerdem macht es mir ja Spaß all dieses Zeug zu benutzen :)


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