Saturday, June 2, 2012

Random Swatches & May-Haul


I was thinking about how to manage this blog and just thought I may throw out from time to time totally random swatches of my favourite polishes and new colours. I am sure you guys will not complain about, aren´t you? :)

Just when I watch at the polishes I bought in may, JUST in may, I hear my wallet cry :D But on the other hand my heart is jumping because of all the joy.

Take a look at my may-polishes:

  1. (left to right)
  2.  China Glaze "He´s Going in Circles"
  3.  China Glaze "Spin Me Round"
  4.  China Glaze "Kaleidoscope Him Out"
  5.  China Glaze "Calypso Blue"
  6.  China Glaze "Material Girl"
  7.  China Glaze "Strawberry Fields"
  8.  China Glaze "Recycle"
  9.  China Glaze "Outta Bounds"
  10.  O.P.I. Pirouette My Whistle

Yeah... I kinda love China Gaze :D You got me...

Then I was shopping today and got my hands on 2 polishes I wanted to have since I saw the swatches, which are these babies:

Sally Hansen Gem Crush No. 01 "Showgirl Chic"   &
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No. 410 "3K or More!"

I never had Sally Hansen Polishes, just love to use a few nail-care products so I am really excited about them :)

And I think I might buy some more polishes soon, because I just saw today that Anttila, my favourite polish-location, started to sell Essie. OMG!
This will be a dangerous month!

Within the new month I will now start swatching these polishes for you. Please feel free to tell me which ones you are especially interested in and I will give them higher priority :)

Enyou your weekend!


  1. sind schöne Farben dabei! :))

    1. Danke ^^ Ich liebe es einfach neue Lacke zu kaufen :D
      Dein Blog ist echt schön! Und dabei bist du so jung, totalen Respekt! Habe dich mal abboniert und würde mich extrem drüber freuen wenn du das auch machen könntest - fange grade erst an Abbonenten zu suchen :D

  2. Hey, wo kaufst du denn die china glaze lacke? die sind echt genial =)


    1. Die kaufe ich größtenteils bei speziellen EBAY Shops weil sie mir hier in Finnland einfach EXTREMST zu teuer sind. Kann dir die Links gerne geben wenn du magst ^^
      Hab dich auch mal abboniert, bin immer happy wenn ich das zurück bekomme :)

    2. das wäre echt klasse wenn du mir die links schicken könntest =) wieviel kosten die dann im schnitt?
      wir sind ja auch noch neu, von daher=) jeder Leser zählt :-)

    3. Also normalerweise kaufe ich bei
      oder bei

      Die China Glaze Lacke sind da zwischen 3-4€ + Versand. Hier bei mir würde sonst ein Lack schon alleine zwischen 10 und 11€ kosten.
      Ich muss mich schon echt arg zusammenreißen nicht so oft was zu bestellen :D

      Und ja du kanst mich ja Sonntag evtl auch subscriben - neue Blogger müssen zusammenhalten <3

  3. He :)

    die gibts bei :)


    1. Danköööö ^^
      Hey du hast voll die schönen Lippen, totaler Kussmund <3

  4. Oh good lord, they light up the Essie display?? I have enough trouble staying away from it when it isn't flashing at me hahaha. Nice haul and also congrats on the cute new blog! I'd love to see what you think of Strawberry Fields ^_^

    1. Okay so this will be my new swatch then ^^
      I put it once already on my au-pair girls tiny naily, with an extre gold glitter topcoat, it was amazing! Will take pictures today :)
      If you want we could follow each other maybe.
      And yes it is just cruel that you can NOT pass the Essie polishes any more >_< A Demon!!!

  5. cooler blog, lust auf gegenseitiges followen? :)

    1. Ja gerne, immer zusammenhalten :)
      Schönen Sonntag!!!

  6. so far - so god :-D
    it's always nice to see a fellow polish addict ;-D
    welcome to blogosphere <3

    1. Thank you :) I hope I can be half as popular as you are in a few months ^_^

  7. Wow. Nice haul. I have been dying for the first three China Glaze's but havent been able to locate them.

    1. I got them from ebay a few weeks ago, always check there. I bought one normally and got the other 2 in auctions which I easily won :) Good luck!!!


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