Thursday, June 14, 2012

Polka Dots Become Rings

Hello Everybody!

Here is the super easy design I created out of the polish I used for my last swatch.
All you need is basically a dotting tool or another tool you can create dots with.

I always use old lids to drop my nail polis on, it works super great and at some point you just throw them away ;)
I used both Isadora polishes to create big dots on all of my nails.

On one hand I used both colours.

On the other hand I only used the yellow polish. I wanted to see which looked better in the end.

Wait until your dots are dry and then create slightly smaller dots inside of them with your base nail polish colour. These will create the illusion of rings.
Here the hand with both colours.

And here the other one with just yellow.

I think I liked the design with 2 colours better, but your options are endless, you could use 1375 polishes if you want to :D

Polishes I used

Isadora Wonder Nail "623 Doll Pink"
Isadora Wonder Nail "653 Mellow Yellow"
Models Own "Peaches & Cream"
Mavala Mavadry

See you tomorrow for a brand new swatch!


  1. Awww! Das finde ich richtig süß *_* Ich brauch n Dotting tool!

    1. Ja das brauchst du wohl wirklich ^^ Ich benutze meine soooo oft :)

  2. The polka dots and rings look sooo cute.. great idea!

    1. Thank you very much - and it is just SO easy ^^


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