Monday, June 11, 2012

Models Own "Peaches & Cream"

Good Evening!

I have a new polish to show you. I bought it just yesterday because I still missed some nice peachy shade in my collection. I dont like red or orange that much, but this one seemed to be way softer.

It actually is a very bright, almost neon-like peach and I started during the daytime to actually like it.

But take a look for yourself:

Outside without sun

With flash

In artificial light (sorry for the quality)

All the pictures where taken with 2 coats of polish and a topcoat.

These polish is bright and creamy. But the application was absolutely not nice.
The brush is super tiny which makes it really hard to apply smooth because you will need so many brush strokes. The polish was thick and hard to manage. The second layer helped to smooth out some mistakes but still it was very hard.

Dry time was as well pretty long, but I used a fast drying topcoat in the end.

I actually like Models Own but they seriously should think about creating wider brushes.

See you on wednesday!

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